“Suicide by Cop” – The Woke Corporate Deathbed Smokescreen Edition

My morning stroll through trusted sites passes directly through Instapundit. Today’s perusal linked to a post titled ROLL LEFT AND DIE that provided an interesting and overall very informative perspective. But there was one passage about a rather specific example buried in the middle the sticks with me:

But I’ve started seeing it too. Companies’ stock gets wobbly and suddenly they’re doing ads with pregnant men or something. Because then when they die, they die as heroes of the revolution. (Insert disgusting commie fist.)

I’m 90% percent sure that’s what paypal has done. There were… danger signs before and there are some weird indications in their records, though it would take an expert to analyze them and I’m not that.

But the only “isn’t eating meth with a candy scoop” explanation I have for them initiating a bank run on themselves, and making themselves thoroughly untrustworthy forever is that they knew something was very wrong and likely to take them down, and did what they did to go out as heroes of the socialist revolution, or pure innocent victims of “right wing fanatics.”

Perhaps they’re afraid a changing of the guard will lead to people investigating how money was transferred for pallets of bricks in the middle of targeted streets, or paying for antifa street theater, or worse, for “vote aggregators” in 2020. If that’s what triggered it, we’re going to see a lot of crazy barreling towards us in the next month, and more if the guard does change and fraud doesn’t win.

Alternately, of course, they’re doing meth by the bucket load. Which is possible.

[Emphasis added]

I have ranted before about the investigation that should have dug into phone, text, and email records from certain creatures of DC to those working the lawless streets during the summer and fall of 2020. How much coordination and collusion was there? And by whom? This post brings that all back to the even more basic investigative principle: follow the money.

I suspect we will be returning to this subject in the not so distant future.

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