Welcome all. Having worn out my welcome with a vast majority of the cool kids in the center-right blogosphere, I have retreated to this lonely little outpost. Here I will continue to do exactly what I did elsewhere: Post whatever I feel like saying whenever the inspiration strikes without the slightest concern about being liked or demonstrating my abilities as a budding writer to the big names in the establishment. As for an introduction for those who don’t know me from elsewhere, I offer the three short posts below to set the stage for me and the agenda coming your way…should you choose to stick around:

Simply Me…

The Battle Field that Developed Around Me

The Battle Space I Chose

(I welcome good faith interactions in the comments and look forward to valid criticisms of my agenda.)

Now, assuming you are comfortable with your internal narrative of the world around you and the promised agenda here, please make your way to the most recent content on the blog page. Let the fun begin.)