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I joined Ricochet in December 2012 and made my first post there less than a month later. As of this writing I have published 180 posts on that Member Feed but it was not until 2018 that I had one promoted to be viewable by the non-member community also. There have now been a total of 77 of my posts elevated in that manner. That entire archive is my history, my memory, and will most assuredly be my reference material for quite some time here. Therefore, I think it is of value to provide a link summary to those viewable posts. (Original publication dates have replaced the dates of record on the archived posts where that determination could be accurately determined. The dates or record represent the dates that posts were promoted.)

Power and Privilege (November 14, 2018)

Death of a High Trust Society: Rampant Lawlessness in our Executive (May 28, 2019)

The Emotional Tail Wagging the Rational Dog (July 21,2019)

This Week Through Althouse Eyes (November 2, 2019)

The Soul of Governance: Trump in Context (November 24, 2019)

Projections of a Shameless Ruling Class and the Corrupt System They Continue to Putrefy with Every Thing They Do (December 23, 2019)

Real History/Context About a Fake Whistleblower (January 22, 2020)

Deep State Musings (February 29, 2020)

The Gipper Notes the Pest in His Shadow (March 6, 2020)

When This Sick, Ignorance Is No Longer an Option. Or Is It? (March 13, 2020)

The General’s Calibrated Filter (March 29, 2020)

The Judge May Be an Ass: Clarifying That ‘If?’ (May 12, 2020)

The Unmasking ‘Tool’ (i.e., Samantha Power) Revisited (May 13, 2020)

Midnight in the Republic – Volume 1 (June 12, 2020)

Midnight in the Republic, Volume 4 (June 28, 2020)

About That ‘No One Is Above the Law’ Nonsense… (July 11 ,2020)

Midnight in the Republic, Volume 6 (July 18, 2020)

The Hemingway Files: A Rather Damning Draft of History (August 2, 2020)

The Althouse Files: When Anti-Intellectualism Becomes Just Plain Insulting (August 13, 2020)

The False Narratives that may Shape Your Future – Volume 1 (October 25, 2020)

Election 2020: Competing Realities (November 1, 2020)

Hope for the Right Starts with a Spine and a Pair (November 25, 2020)

Midnight in the Republic, Volume 8 (January 8, 2021)

Parallel Dissident Structures: The Vanguard of Liberty (January 31,2021)

Midnight in the Republic, Volume 10 (March 5, 2021)

Facepalm 2021, Vol. 2: ‘Galactically’ Seems about Right (April 11, 2021)

CODENAME: Natasha (April 30, 2021)

Fool Me Twice… (May 3, 2021)

Nominee (and Early Favorite) for Photo of the Year (May 16, 2021)

On One Father … and So Much More – Lessons (and Warnings) Galore (June 20, 2021)

‘So Began the Black Years’: America’s Markeyev Administration (June 26, 2021)

What Is Owed: No More, No Less (July 5, 2021)

USCP Regional Field Offices? (July 9, 2021)

Midnight in the Republic, Volume 11 (July 15, 2021)

A Short Lesson in Reading the Defense (July 22, 2021)

I’ll Take ‘Corrupt to the Core’ for 1000, Alex (July 24, 2021)

Show us the Wranglers! (September 22, 2021)

On Being a Country Class Schmuck: We Get What We Deserve (September 25, 2021)

Bad Faith Governance on Collision Course With the Voluntary Compact (October 10, 2021)

The Processes and Lingual Tells of the Coming Tyranny (October 16, 2021)

The Fabric of the Nation Under Strain: Early Signs of the Unraveling (October 22, 2021)

‘American’ Clowns: Credibility and the Legal Profession (October 29, 2021)

Bad Faith Governance and More Symptoms of the Great Unraveling (November 12, 2021)

Behind the Scenes Fun of the Day: Complex Rivers of Cash (November 19, 2021)

Bad Faith Governance Through Coercion and Lawlessness (November 27, 2021)

Normalized Corruption, the Game: Guess the Senator? (December 4, 2021)

‘I Do Not Choose To Run for President in 1928’ (December 9, 2021)

An ‘Honor System’ for Those Without Honor (December 17, 2021)

Shame of a Nation: Enablers of Anti-Intellectualism and Emerging Totalitarianism (December 18, 2021)

Nice Shootin’, Tex! (December 23, 2021)

Carefully Cultivated Delusional Hysteria: A Tool that must be Continuously Exercised (December 25, 2021)

Normalized Corruption: ‘Looked from…Pig to Man Again; But Already It Was Impossible to Say Which Was Which’ (January 1, 2022)

Fading Moral Clarity and Our Burgeoning Fear Society (January 7, 2022)

Of Coordinated Narratives and Cultivated Mass Delusional Hysteria: Seeing the Game and Knowing the Coming End Game (January 14, 2022)

Expiration Date Check: ‘I Think Joe Biden Is Going to Be an Important President and a Very Good One’ (January 16, 2022)

‘That Special Grace, That Special Spirit…’ (January 28, 2022)

Understanding the $ in Uni-Party Leader$hip (February 5, 2022)

Or, the FBI Is Lying (February 18,2022)

Looking Back: Mass Delusion Driven by Award Winning Emptiness (February 26, 2022)

Ex-President Praises Putin and George Snuffleupagus is a Flipping Moron (February 28, 2022)

Quantum Corruption – Part 1 (March 5, 2022)

Quantum Corruption – A Teaser for Part 3 (March 13, 2022)

I Wonder if the Tools of Justice Work Equally Well in Both Directions … Politically Speaking (March 28, 2022)

The State of the Republic in 12 Words or Less (End of 1Q2022 Edition) (April 2, 2022)

Hey, Joe. Welcome to the Party, Pal! (April 13, 2022)

The Worst Economy in 80 Years: The ‘Inflationary Wave’ Edition (April 15, 2022)

Corruption too Blatant to Ignore…But ‘We’ Do It All the Time (April 17, 2022)

We the People: Incurious to a (Tragic) Fault (April 24, 2022)

Let Us Now Praise Hollow-Credentialed Buffoons and Kleptocrats Alike (April 30, 2022)

Death of a High Trust Society: The ‘Circling the Drain’ Edition (May 13, 2022)

Reflections on the Reliably Incurious, Willfully Ignorant, and Just Plain Evil (May 15, 2022)

An Honest Accounting: Anti-Trumpism and the Violence Done to the American Traditions of Free and Fair Elections and the Peaceful Transfer of Power (May 22, 2022)

Astroturf All the Way Down: The Dark Money Edition (May 28, 2022)

Stumbling From the Path of Liberty: The Fallacy of the ‘No One Needs a [FILL IN THE BLANK]’ Demagoguery (June 5, 2022)

Let Us Now Praise Arrogant, Foolish Men: The Chief Justice and His Powder Keg Edition (June 9, 2022)

A Presidential Administration as Sophomoric Theater (June 25, 2022)

Somewhat Random Media Musings (July 9, 2022)