Long History…and the Coming Decimation of Convenient Modern Narratives that Substitute for Critical Thinking

Since time is short for me this weekend, I will not attempt to tie this post back into my various rants at the legacy site about how proper history will not be kind to the modern anti-intellectualism of the left and their stoolies within our perimeter. (Maybe I will take some time later to link some in the comments.) But, as that is part of my overriding agenda, the piece that Instapundit linked me to at American Greatness earlier this week is well worth documenting here in a post:

The Future Is Coming for Some of You

History won’t remember the cowards and collaborators of our day with any more kindness than it recalls those of former times.

The nice thing about the long view of history is that it’s a beautiful picture.

It may take decades, even centuries, but eventually the truth all comes out. Arrogant dimwits in positions of power, so insufferable during their reigns, become the subject of acid biopics and tell-all biographies. The people who apologized for them, and benefited from their patronage, wind up looking sinister, or criminal, even to their own grandchildren. …

Unfortunately, the power of the present, the weight of the current regime, can be blinding. We have a bad habit of merely assuming the men with the badges and the guns and the academic credibility are actually standing on the right side of history. We are quite capable of quieting a conscience that puts us on the dangerous side of the law, or even our loved ones’ approval. The false wisdom of an ignorant mob can be frightening.

[Emphasis Added]

Please, follow the link an read the whole article in context. But I do want to draw your closer attention to this one paragraph:

if you are among those people who witnessed the January 6 protest in Washington, D.C., and you characterize the entire event as “insurrection,” you are a special kind of coward: You are moronic ignavus, both a coward and a moron. You know that millions of people did not fight police, or break windows, or steal government property. You know that, by comparison, the June 2020 George Floyd protests in Washington, D.C., where the leader of the free world was forced to take sanctuary in a White House bunker, were far closer to the definition of “insurrection,” but you are perfectly willing to apply your own prejudice to the busy work of enslaving your neighbors. You are willing to rat out anyone who even exercised their First Amendment rights on January 6. You want them all in jail. For that, someday, you will be seen, by history, as having more in common with Adolf Eichmann than Rosa Parks.

[Emphasis Added]

The “insurrection”-centric narrative was rushed to print very soon after the events of January 6th while emotions were still raw and facts were in short supply. I might be inclined to give someone a pass for hopping on that bandwagon for a week or so. But anyone who seriously used that term about these events after January 15, just to pick a reasonable date, is either a moron-coward as described above or one of the purveyors of cynical political spin intended to assist moron-cowards in living within the comfortable lies of the unthinking masses.

The vast majority of We the People now have twenty months of “insurrection”-based tautology imprinted in their memory banks. As for my limited view of the phenomenon, I suspect the half-hour news breaks on every AM radio station across the land still repeat the fiction all day every day. I can only imagine the Pavlovian conditioning that has been achieved through the more popular media tributaries. Long history has its work cut out for it.

But for those of us who choose to go through life with our eyes wide open, “the false wisdom of an ignorant mob” may be frightening (and even maddening at times), but it is also entertaining and enlightening to witness in real time. At least we don’t have to stick around for long history to catch up.

___ ___ ___


I do no hide the fact that I have a long history at my legacy posting home with many “friends” that I respect and admire. But it is precisely because of the blatant anti-intellectualism of the stoolie crowd there (and the embarrassing approximation of professionalism by some in the moderation crew) that I am now silent on that site except for pressing the “like” button for those I appreciate and support (and sending the occasional private message). I posted several times there warning of the life-cycle of “communities” like that and how those pathways are tied to the decisions of management. Since a few of those old “friends” do stop by here on occasion, I just wanted to make a note about the interesting perspective I now have as a reader/liker and not one participating in the “conversations” with the anti-intellectual forces. While I admire the half-dozen or so who consistently step up to meet the twaddle posted by the persistent troll from Arizona (and now a few others that are emerging from the shadows once again), I wonder if they have noticed the subtle – and not so subtle – shift in the neighborhood lately. (I sure have.) From this re-emergence of the non-Arizona NT crowd, to the promotion of a new moderator of questionable intellect (yes, I stand by that), to the change in tone by long-time “friendlies” that still “like” much of your content but who have always been more than a little bit malleable…yes, the neighborhood is changing. Other than the benefit of my extended silence, I wonder if this is for the better…?

Just my honest observations. Use as you wish.

One thought on “Long History…and the Coming Decimation of Convenient Modern Narratives that Substitute for Critical Thinking

  1. We live our lives, it seems, swimming in more or less muddy water. The piranhas and reticulated pythons are out now, and the stirred turbidity is making people short sighted and on edge.

    Or maybe it’s just me.

    Liked by 1 person

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