A Good Day…with a bit of Irony for the Ages

The subject in question did not jump, but was pushed.  The move is not temporary, but permanent. – She

One little corner of the world became a little less un-serious, intellectually speaking, today. << Golf Clap >>

Sorry that the link is hidden behind the Member Feed wall for some of you but thank you for indulging a brief expression of elation regarding the matter. It was long overdue and well earned…and many good neighbors have been lost along the way. (Unfortunately, the ice under my feet, figuratively speaking, now appears thinner than ever. Must tread lightly while out and about that neighborhood.)

One thought on “A Good Day…with a bit of Irony for the Ages

  1. Rodin

    Take comfort that it wasn’t the content, it was the conduct. One can still make one’s point without grabbing everyone’s figurative shirt and insisting on attention and not letting them pursue a conversation they want instead of what you want. A bit shocked, and sad about what must be going on in his life to make him act thus.

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