The Modern Age of Intellectual Un-Seriousness Writ Large – The American Mega-Corporation Edition

While watching this video, keep in mind that Anheuser-Busch is a $125B corporation with 150+ years of prestige behind the brand and this buzz-word babbling buffoon (likely heavily credentialed in the hollowest of ways) is a VICE PRESIDENT with the unchecked power to put $BILLIONS$ at risk overnight:

(For the record, I did not make it all the way through the video. The first ten seconds felt like a year to me…)

You will have to wait for my book on the subject – one that I will not start until I am safely retired from the mega-corp cubicle farm world – but, rest assured, this phenomenon is not limited to recreational product producers…it is epidemic in most corners from sea to shining sea. These organizations have put themselves into irreversibly fragile states and the next phase will not be pretty. There is a dark age of sorts heading our way.

You have been warned. Prepare as you see fit.

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