A Postmortem: The End of the Beginning of the End

…it is interesting to me that looking back on her activities it is clear that this creature is exactly as advertised here: a reliable conduit/tool for the dissemination of misinformation. What fascinates me is that everyone involved in the charade is aware of the game and plays their part in it with a straight face. What depresses me is that, by the third or fourth time this creature “breaks” a Watergate-style story and the charade is clear to all willing to see, the citizen-consumers of her product continue to buy it as anything close to legitimate. The willful ignorance of way too much of modern American society is simply breathtaking. – CODENAME: Natasha, November 30, 2021

I reach back over a year for that because the name of that despicable creature has crossed one of my trusted information sources yet again. This time it is Powerline and ANATOMY OF A FRAUD:

Cliff Sims was the Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Strategy and Communications in the Trump administration. He was an eyewitness to the “Russian disinformation” fraud, and a participant. He told the story in a series of tweets: …

[Sims:] Oct. 19, then-@politico reporter @NatashBertrand preps a story about 50 former Intel officials claiming the Biden laptop story is Russian disinfo. I warn her that it is NOT and point her to Ratcliffe’s statements. She writes it anyway and gives Democrats the headline they want. …

[Sims:] Oct. 28: @NatashBertrand calls claiming @JohnRatcliffe “went off script” with his comments about Iran, the implication being that they actually weren’t trying to hurt Trump. She had two anonymous “senior officials” as sources. I push back hard with two main points…

  1. The intelligence was clear about Iran’s intention to hurt Trump. The country’s top counter-intel official had even called them out publicly months before. Here’s his statement from Aug. 7, 2020, relaying the Intelligence Community’s assessment of what Iran was up to.
  1. How could Ratcliffe go “off script” when it’s his script? We were still writing his remarks in the motorcade on the way to the press conference, right up until moments before he went on stage.

The whole angle of the story made no sense. @NatashaBertrand said didn’t care.

[Sims:] At this point I took the rare step of asking to speak to her editor, who was @blakehounshell, before the story published. I explained to Blake what I outlined above, and reminded him that @NatashaBertrand
had also been wrong about the Biden laptop. It got a little heated…

[Sims:] At some point, exasperated that the truth didn’t seem to matter when @NatashaBertrand was fixated on building a narrative, I snapped and said it was “garbage reporting.” @blakehounshell
replied that I was a “garbage person.” And @politico published another misleading story.

None of them — Schiff, the former Intel officials who lied about the laptop…the journalists involved — have ever admitted they were wrong.

[Sims:] And these headlines remains on @politico to this day.

It’s a disgusting story, but a useful reminder that outlets like Politico, the New York Times, CNN, etc., are not innocents who inadvertently get things wrong, but are naked partisans who are happy to lie to benefit their party, the Democrats.

[Emphasis added]

And, for more that half of the masses, those remain as but two of the tens of thousands of planted nuggets of disinformation that compose the accepted (yet completely erroneous) history of our times. More importantly, they help form the comfortable narrative that allows far too many to feel smugly confident that anything is better than “Mean Tweets” and the daily (intentional) overreaction to them by the same duplicitous “media” apparatus. The resulting convoluted justifications used to downplay (or completely dismiss) actual criminality, total political corruption, and anti-Constitutional governmental actions just to remain in that comfort zone resemble the sick rationalizations of the mentally ill.

Those primary outlets listed above know full-well that their job is to insert the disinformation into the narrative “talking-point calling tree” that flows instantaneously and irreversibly to countless subordinate, local, and social media outlets. The lowest, and likely most insidious, part of the infestation is the stubborn tautological chanting of these talking points in on-line comment sections long after the truth is fully known (but rarely fully acknowledged) by anyone but the willfully ignorant.

In related news, we are now up to the sixth installment of the Twitter Files and the semi-right-ish interwebs appear to acknowledge them to various extents. Here I will turn again to Powerline for a link summary:

This is all devastating stuff well worth the time to read…and worth drilling into the numerous links provided. If any of this was getting past the filters to the other “half” (more like two-thirds) of the masses then that overly comfortable “progressive” worldview would be crumbling for the Holidays this year. But it is not, so it won’t. By March of next year this will all but have been forgotten and the tautological chanting will have resumed.

All of the above is to say that this thing…this Constitutional Republic as conceived and the consciously free society it enabled…is broken and most of the damage is irreversible. The tools for overseeing this “government of the people, by the people, for the people” have been turned into tools for the advancement of tyranny…and, as I quoted myself above: “everyone involved in the charade is aware of the game and plays their part in it with a straight face.” The ruling elites of one and a half (or more) of the major political parties (Thanks Mitch!) are fully corrupt and openly looting the treasure at the expense of (now) countless generations to come while solidifying ever more power and control over We the People. All to a great silence from sea to shining sea.

This seems to be a good place to add a passage from 1984 as posted in the Part 6 link above (and as a convenient complementary link to my previous post):

“There will be no distinction between beauty and ugliness. There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always–do not forget this, Winston–always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face–for ever.”

I predict that the propped up carcass of Puppet Joe, having passed of natural causes a full twelve months prior, will win re-election in 2024 with an astounding one hundred and eighty-two million popular “votes.” He will serve the full four years of that term too.

So there you have it…your moment of cheer for this cold Saturday morning in mid-December 2022.

As always, into the abyss…

___ ___ ___

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