A Government Openly Mocks the Republic ON Which it Stands

… “We are beaten. The Iron Heel is here. I had hoped for a peaceable victory at the ballot-box. I was wrong. … We shall be robbed of our few remaining liberties; the Iron Heel will walk upon our faces; nothing remains but a bloody revolution of the working class. Of course we will win, but I shudder to think of it.” – The Iron Heel by Jack London, Pages 124-125

It seems our current National Government…one which habitually does not operate in good faith[1]…has filed suit against the state of Arizona for illegally stacking shipping containers as a barrier along what was once considered the national border between the U.S. and Mexico:

Arizona has entered Reclamation and Forest Service lands along the Arizona-Mexico border and installed—and continues to install—hundreds of double-stacked multi-ton shipping containers that damage federal lands, threaten public safety, and impede the ability of federal agencies and officials, including law enforcement personnel, to perform their official duties… .

As a result, the United States brings this action to obtain appropriate relief for Arizona’s unlawful continuing trespasses and invasions of the United States’ paramount sovereign property rights and interests under the U.S. Constitution. This action seeks injunctive relief prohibiting Arizona from continuing to trespass on federal lands and violating and infringing on the United States’ constitutional rights and interests; … This action also seeks damages for Arizona’s trespasses, to compensate the United States for any actions it needs to take to undo Arizona’s actions and to remediate—to the extent possible—any injuries to the United States’ properties and interests. …

[Emphasis added]

Such open mockery from a “People’s Government” is something to behold. That such an expansive Executive Branch, one that has spent nearly two years now giving not the tiniest damn about the “public safety” and “unlawful trespasses” and “property rights” and “interests under the U.S. Constitution” of actual U.S. Citizens – not to mention any “action…to compensation…any injuries” – when it comes to this border issue, feels so comfortable in openly mocking those very citizens in a legal filing (against a valid participating entity in the Voluntary Compact) to claim all of the above for the Government itself signals just how much contempt they now hold for the American system and how much power they assume they now have over those very People. Worse, “the joke” here indicates that they presume that their unbeatable voting base is either too ignorant to understand it or just doesn’t care. (HINT: They are not wrong.)

(And, as for that “impede the ability of federal agencies and officials, including law enforcement personnel, to perform their official duties” crap…give me a break.  To overlook the impediments imposed by those “federal agencies and officials” and the willfully incurious/compliant media that have allowed and enabled this on-going, twenty-month farce at the border is to ignore the true history of our times. But I digress.)

Instead, that base is being distracted yet again by a shiny object in the form of free money (i.e., student loan debt forgiveness) that the Executive has no Constitutional power to award, yet continues to cynically dangle in front of them for demagogic purposes down the road. Proving, yet again, that the Constitution is nothing but a disposable stage prop for this clown show as it intentionally destroys the Republic on the face of which it now grinds its heel…and openly mocks the pain inflicted on We the People.

“Then,” Ernest answered, “you, and labor, and all of us, will be crushed under the iron heel of a despotism as relentless and terrible as any despotism that has blackened the pages of the history of man. That will be a good name for that despotism, the Iron Heel.” – The Iron Heel by Jack London, Pages 108-109


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[1] Helpful references:

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