The Proper History of Our Times – Filtering the Poorly Scripted and Unserious Data Planted for Short Term Narrative Purposes

Not that I believe the accurate and proper history of our times will ever be written…the institutions and talents required for such a thing have long since been corrupted and rendered useless for the task. Witness the soft acknowledgement by corporate media types today of the clear corruption of the Biden family that was completely knowable (and published across several books by Peter Schweizer) years ago. (Note that this is clearly in preparation for reframing an acceptable narrative that is now required because of the dereliction of duty chosen strategy of ignoring the undeniable data for years. But I digress.) This is just another good example of how the first pass at so much of recent history is so corrupted by the intellectually dishonest and inconsistent scripting used to feed the various short-news-cycle narratives. Even this still-very-near view of something as visible to all as the COVID lockdowns will require some rather impressive logical contortionism to make any sense of…here via Instapundit:

Lockdowns: The Great Gaslighting

More than two years since the lockdowns of 2020, the political mainstream, particularly on the left, is just beginning to realize that the response to Covid was an unprecedented catastrophe.

But that realization hasn’t taken the form of a mea culpa. Far from it. On the contrary, in order to see that reality is starting to dawn on the mainstream left, one must read between the lines of how their narrative on the response to Covid has evolved over the past two years.

The narrative now goes something like this: Lockdowns never really happened, because governments never actually locked people in their homes; but if there were lockdowns, then they saved millions of lives and would have saved even more if only they’d been stricter; but if there were any collateral damage, then that damage was an inevitable consequence of the fear from the virus independent of the lockdowns; and even when things were shut down, the rules weren’t very strict; but even when the rules were strict, we didn’t really support them.

Put simply, the prevailing narrative of the mainstream left is that any upside from the response to Covid is attributable to the state-ordered closures and mandates that they supported, while any downside was an inevitable consequence of the virus independent of any state-ordered closures and mandates which never happened and which anyway they never supported. Got it? Good.

[Emphasis added]

I can only imagine how much the fictional narrative will continue to evolve before solidifying into the party line in my future grandchildren’s history books. (Spoiler: They don’t even use “books” now, so what am I worrying about anyway?) I suspect the party line will not include any text like this from the same source:

…apologists for the response to Covid are attempting to shift blame away from the political machines that imposed lockdowns and mandates onto individuals and their families. This is, of course, despicable and bunk. People did not voluntarily go hungry, or stand in the freezing cold to get food, or remove themselves from hospitals while they were still sick, or bankrupt their own businesses, or force their own kids to sit outside in the cold, or march hundreds of miles in exodus after losing their jobs in factories.

The collective denial of these horrors, and the refusal of media, financial, and political elites to report on them, amounts to nothing less than the greatest act of gaslighting that we’ve seen in modern times.

[Emphasis added]

Just to further emphasis how clumsy and short sighted the narrative cultivation has become, a matter of hours after a story broke late this week about an “attack”‘” on the husband of the Speaker in his own house, President Ferret Face the Demagogue couldn’t get to a microphone fast enough:

Biden cites Jan. 6 riot chant as he condemns ‘despicable’ attack on Paul Pelosi

President Joe Biden on Friday called out the “despicable” attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, directly tying the attacker’s words to rioters’ chants during the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol.

There’s reports “that the same chant was used by this guy that they have in custody that was used on January 6, the attack on the U.S. Capitol,” Biden said during an impassioned speech at the annual Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s Independence Dinner, where he and Vice President Kamala Harris were campaigning for Pennsylvania’s Democratic nominees.

The perpetrator’s shouts of “Where’s Nancy?” during the home invasion early Friday morning echoed the chants of pro-Trump rioters who searched the Capitol’s halls for the speaker in a bid to stop the certification of Biden’s 2020 victory.

“This is despicable. There’s no place in America. There’s too much violence — political violence — too much hatred, too much vitriol,” Biden said. “And what makes us think one party can talk about stolen elections, Covid being a hoax, [that it’s] all a bunch of lies, and it not affect people who may not be so well balanced? What makes us think that it’s not going to alter the political climate? Enough is enough is enough.”

Biden opened his speech asking the crowd to take a short pause to “send our love to Nancy Pelosi,” …

[Emphasis added]

And the bunk from the bully pulpit…not to mention the absurdly sophomoric teleprompter theater…is dutifully reported with a straight face through some dolt named Kelly Garrity at Politico. Just more corrupting of the data set for some future historian…as intended.

Not that they care…they got their headline and the jolt to the true believers in these final days before the mid-term election…but we’ll see how this play stands-up to the inconvenient facts that are already starting to flow in about the “home invasion”…whether the whole thing was planned or just an opportunity that happened to present itself for demagogic exploitation by the handlers of the puppet president.

This could get interesting, embarrassing for some, or both.

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