The Big Chill – Reflections of History…and the Future

The images are critical for the effect and control they seek: silence the opposition and instill fear in the masses. Exhibit A:

With special thanks to RufusRJones, Exhibit B:

More modern versions…surely to be crafted, scripted, and choreographed through a compliant, collusive party media apparatus for a (generally) softer American people still focused on retaining their riches with too little focus on the more fundamental (i.e. Liberty)…will start (or have they already started?) with a little more subtlety. They will get worse as they do not fully achieve the desired effect. But silencing the opposition and instilling fear in the People is exactly what the current ruling elite is up to.

I suspect the next decade or so will reveal the most fearsome abyss ever witnessed on these shores. (It is little consolation that the one in Europe will, as always, be much worse.)

Hold on tight, it’s going to be a very bumpy ride…

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