Important Issues Under the Radar – A ‘Railroad Deal’ UPDATE

Just so you don’t let this slip by unnoticed on this Sunday afternoon while the world seems more focused on those critically important things that happen outside of the Pelosi’s marriage:

Threat of Nationwide Railroad Strike Grows after 2nd Union Rejects Proposed Deal

“Now there is news that a second union has rejected a deal that was hammered out last month between rail companies, unions, and the Biden administration.

“The vote by the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen, the second union to reject the White House-brokered deal, elevates the likelihood of a nationwide strike when a negotiation deadline arrives in November.

“The potential work stoppage could paralyze the nation’s supply chain and transportation rail service as the U.S. enters peak holiday season.

“…The vote against the contract centered on frustration with a lack of paid sick days, according to a statement from Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen President Michael Baldwin. ‘For the first time that I can remember, the BRS members voted not to ratify a National Agreement,’ he said.” ..


A second railroad union votes down labor deal needed to avoid nationwide strike

The BRS, which represents over 10,000 rail workers and is one of the last three unions at the bargaining table, overwhelmingly rejected the deal, with 39.23% of members approving and 60.57% voting not to approve. …

In a letter released to members on Wednesday, BMWED president Tony Cardwell said, “Before I talk about the details surrounding the bargaining process, I need to confront some fringe groups proposing dangerous ideas of unsanctioned work stoppages. It is true that this round of National Bargaining has brought different perspectives, complicated conversations, and hard choices. A difference of views from a range of members is a good thing even if it gets a little messy. However, we are not presented with a situation so dire that we cannot use our collective strength to obtain a satisfactory agreement without breaking the law.” …

Union spokespeople have stressed that railroads are underestimating union member resistance over issues related to quality of life and benefits including paid time off that they do not think the current tentative agreement satisfactorily covers. …

Under the Railway Labor Act, Congress has the ability to impose the resolution from Biden’s Presidential Emergency Board, or order the trains to operate as usual with an extension of negotiations.

[Emphasis added]

The union that rejected the offer earlier this month did so with 56% of the vote. Of the twelve that must all agree to their contracts, it appears six have done so and these two have voted theirs down. It will be interesting to see how the final four pieces fall into place in the coming days. Regardless, I suspect that the imposition by a lame-duck Congress of a resolution crafted by the morons in the Biden administration will not be received well by many of the parties involved in this. Given the complete incompetence demonstrated by those in control of our elected institutions in DC across the board over the last twenty-one months, we should all be very affraid.

But, on the bright side, since all eyes are already aimed in that direction, keep an eye on Paul Pelosi’s stock trades in the coming days for signs of how this is going to play out…and maybe make a buck or two while you are at it.

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