A Post-Mortem on the ‘Speaker’ Selection Process – In Which I (Likely) Break with Yet Another Powerline Prime

Well, the process seems to have been concluded and, once again, “next-in-line-ism” with a less-than-impressive figure proved more important to the Republican Party than a more acceptable – any more acceptable – candidate. It makes you wonder who and what is so heavily invested in Mr. McCarthy that it was worth this extended “embarrassment” to make sure he got the office. Think about it.

The process itself has been enlightening. More specifically, the tactics by the talking class just outside the ring has validated just how intellectually un-serious some of them really are. But, then again, if you hadn’t figured that out about those like Hannity and Ingraham yet…

Unfortunately, this morning brings another example for which I am deeply saddened: John Hinderacker of Powerline Blog. Readers here may note that Powerline is one of the trusted / calibrated sites I use to see the world around me. That absolutely does not mean that I agree with everything and every position the various individuals take there (see Paul…or not) but the current staff has built up quite a lot of respect with me over the years. That is, until this:


The fiasco in the House of Representatives may be drawing to a close, as 14 of the 21 Republicans who collaborated with Democrats to prevent the organization of a Republican House have now come to their senses.

How much damage have the tiny minority of sellouts done? Quite a bit…

Let’s hope that by Monday, House Republicans will be able to get to work. And let’s hope that the caucus’s tiny minority of egomaniacs hasn’t done permanent damage, and will not collaborate with Democrats in the future. And as far as I am concerned, the sooner they are run out of the party the better.

[Emphasis added]

My short summary is focused only on the intentionally planted language (ala Hannity and Ingraham style plugs forced into the narrative space). The repeated and forced spin on “collaborated with Democrats” is more than a bit embarrassing but that is easily buried beneath the arrogant and condescending tone. (Why play so loose with the credibility of the site? Was he drinking?) At least for me, it is extremely hard to recover once the mask slips even a little bit like that.

The larger problem I have with Mr. Hinderacker’s display is that his real concern seems to be that the Speakership has been weakened from the corrosive, corrupt Pelosi-style model and the House will now be forced to operate as a full body of representatives of We the People. Quite telling indeed.

The last week has been instructive with respect to reminding us of the elitist forces in our ranks too…and the tools they have at their disposal.

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