Faces of Disgrace Revisited

A little bit of bookkeeping here to properly document on this site a couple of items that went straight to the legacy site due to some laziness on my part over the last couple of weeks. The first featured an post from July 2, 2022:

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“Trying to make some sense of it all. But I can see it makes no sense at all. …” – Stuck in the Middle with You by Gerry Rafferty & Joe Egan

The practiced and posed performance faces could not mask the galactically stupid script. Still, their dedication to pulling off the futile con is clear…but only highlights what buffoons they truly are. (Yet is it really futile? It is hard to deny that there are the galactically stupid among us who still stick with intellectually unserious narratives such as: “Trump knew that the crowd was violent … And he aimed them at the Capitol with malice aforethought.” I imagine that provides modest comfort for the tortured deeper soul that knows one is living within a lie. But I digress.)

One of the faces above, desperate and shallow, seems willing to recite any idiocy fed to her. Little more than a tool for the corrupt Ruling Class and acting out the poorly written sophomoric script with determination and duty…for what? What has been promised? What won’t she do to get into “the game”? (And don’t pretend that she isn’t one of thousands roaming the halls of power willing to do or say anything to gain access. Lots of useful tools all around. And Liz Cheney just used her like Clinton used interns. I hope the stain comes out of Ms. Hutchinson’s dress.)

The other face in the above screen grab, Madam Cheney, continues to prove herself to be so wholly intellectually dishonest and consumed with an irrational hatred toward the one who exposed her wing of a dead party for the beltway co-corruptocrats they are…and probably ended (well, one can hope) the larger “corruption-and-cash gravy train” for former office holders and their offspring – she could have been a double-dipper on that front – before she bagged her three to four terms and then really cashed in. (Sure, she will still get hers, but there are zeros coming off by the day. She may actually have to go into the CNN or MSNBC studios to collect. It won’t just come as mailbox money direct-deposited to her off-shore accounts like a Biden or a Kerry/Heinz or numerous other American Princlings. It seems she has sullied her daddy’s good name….<<hack, cough, hack, burp>>…Yeah, I almost kept a straight face on that one.)

In the face and eyes of Ms. Cheney above you see someone who knows exactly what she is doing. She knows the prepared script is pathetically stupid and not worthy of serious discussion. She knows the “committee” is not legitimate. She knows every cynically distorted, spun, and just plain false narrative to emerge from it may serve her irrational agenda but it also benefits the ideological enemies of the greater Republican party. She knows she is likely trashing this young woman’s reputation for the rest of her life. Yet, no price, no level of intellectual dishonesty, no public humiliation of unlimited disposable human “tools” is too great. 

Here in the post-Republic descent into the abyss, these are but a few of the faces of disgrace. Some – the Liz Cheney’s of the charade – are clearly more disgraceful that others.  For people like this the “system” is their play thing…theirs to use, abuse, rape, pillage, and destroy as they please. There is nothing these people and their ilk will not sully as part of their evil game. Need proof? Just one day after the performance pictured above, Madam Cheney chose to…and was allowed to…defile other notable locales:

Into the abyss…

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A few days ago, a wise member here exclaimed: “And none of it is new!” And so it is with the Final Report. “Charged with investigating the facts, circumstances and causes,” as the completely corrupt Speaker informs us in the Foreword, the illegitimate “Select Committee” succeeded in filtering anything that didn’t fit the preferred fake narrative on their way to an anti-intellectual product that is fitting in every way for this clown show. Normally I might call for tar and feathers for Pelosi and the nine primary clowns listed on page 4…but I think history will give them each their ignominious due.  

Some of the comments on the original post are worth the time to read through. Note that none of it wasn’t new then. Yet, how much of it has been rehashed yet again over the last couple of days? That is not indicative of good faith conversation…but don’t get me started.

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