Midterm Postmortem – Dead Dogma, Brain-Dead Voters, and Plate Tectonics

“[A] significant and growing portion of the American population [has lost] the virtues required to be functioning members of a free society.” – Charles Murray in Coming Apart (Page 289), 2012

The slightly bastardized (for the selfish purposes of my own agenda) and entirely overused quote above is the most succinct characterization of the state of the union today. A decade after Mr. Murray hedged a soft optimism at the end of that book, the score at this advanced date is well past a tipping point and pointing away from continued American Liberty under the Constitutional Republic in anything even remotely resembling the intended form. The machine that controls Pennsylvania is the sub-scale model that will be America as a whole soon: total functional control by the uni-Party under the mesmerizing force of dead dogma and enabled by a (voluntarily) regimented core of brain-dead voters.

The piling-on of the center-right-ish enablers of the national uni-Party express since Tuesday evening has been rather amusing (to me, at least). The sophomoric declarations (and other attempts to force a simplistic narrative to a complex dynamic that can only be known with time) about Trump is finished, Trumps fault, Trump lost, Republicans blew it, yada, yada, yada…are mostly little more than conspicuous displays of soft core (and sometimes harder core) Never Trump fantasy porn. One tributary to the river of NT masturbatory twaddle shows just how misguided this destined-to-fail narrative is…the one that pushes themes like “the Republican Party is Sick”. (Note, I am not a Republican. Haven’t been since Mississippi 2014. Never forget Mississippi 2014!)

While I will admit that, strictly speaking, that may be true…but it is the health relative to the opposition that is the more important metric if there is a long-term agenda for liberty/freedom at play anymore. (Yes, that is very much an open question these days. But I digress.) From where I sit it is clear that the Republican Party is by far the healthier of the two major political entities in American today. The Democrat Party is nothing but dead dogma and brain-dead voters. Period.

Alternatively, the Republican Party is…a mess. A dynamic, churning, dirty, changing mess. Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with being a mess like this one year and fifty-one weeks before the next presidential election. In fact, that may be the healthiest state of affairs for whatever future form this former Constitutional Republic is eventually going to settles into. Much like all of the life supporting “churn” enabled by plate tectonics (volcanic activity, subduction, etc.) to promote biological productivity / diversity and stabilize temperatures for animal life, the shifting “plates” under the political Right today provide the churn required to promote liberty and stabilize a non-fear-based society. (Imperfectly, to be sure but generally facing the correct direction as opposed to the Progressive Left. But I digress.) Those pushing a quick “get-in-line” reconciliation agenda with the old guard want nothing more than the familiar and comfortable seat in the slow, managed decline that eventually ends up at the same place the Left wants to go. They seem to prefer the temporary warmth of a softened version of the same rote dead dogma to freedom with the occasional mean tweet. To them I paraphrase an old quote from Dave Carter (then) on Ricochet:

“…good luck. In the words, of Samuel Adams, I will not seek, ‘… your counsel or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.’ May you enjoy your rendezvous with the government functionary who will [mete out provisions based on your social score]. You earned it. But my children and grandchildren didn’t earn it, yet you’ve foisted that awful and ghastly fate on them as well. For that, you have my undying contempt.”)

Furthermore, those espousing oversimplified declaratives today in articles, posts, and comments about the roster of Republican political team for the 2024 election cycle don’t seem to understand the importance of this “tectonic” phenomenon and/or are blinded by other non-rational afflictions. They also don’t seem to have learned a thing about politics in the age of Trump. But, then again, most of them are just not that bright.

The smart observers of the stupid half of the uni-Party should all hope for and encourage a lot of churn in the next 10 – 18 months. It will be better for almost everyone in the long run. (Current and aspiring Beltway Corruptocrats excluded, of course.)

___ ___ ___

Note: I consulted the notes in my copy of Rare Earth – Why Complex life is Uncommon in the Universe for the writing of this post. Aside for my use here for this unrelated agenda, I highly recommend the book for intelligent readers.

3 thoughts on “Midterm Postmortem – Dead Dogma, Brain-Dead Voters, and Plate Tectonics

  1. Related:

    It Was Always Going to Get Messy for Republicans Over 2024

    “Republicans are a far more interesting beast than modern society gives them credit for. Despite its embrace of populism, the right-leaning ideological wing of American politics is made up of individualists making it something of a miracle that they come together to do anything. …

    “This miracle isn’t easily come by, however. A lot of metaphorical bloodshed happens before a consensus is reached. Oftentimes, the infighting becomes so bad that by the time the dust settles, the disagreements about who is and isn’t the best person for the job cost Republicans elections, and Democrats walk away with victories. …

    “Money will be sent, insults will be traded, campaigns will be launched, and backs will be stabbed. This isn’t going to be pretty and it’s definitely not going to be nice. …

    “Individualists are going to war with each other over ideas, and that’s not going to change. In fact, it shouldn’t. Just don’t let the people who want to see this nation handed to those who care only about power take advantage of your passion.

    “Fight, but fight well, and fight intelligently.”


  2. Rodin

    They are kind of making it hard for Trump supporters to leave him. Of course, per usual, Trump is making it uncomfortable for some of us to support him, but we don’t want to see any switch of political support to be repudiation of his agenda. Until it is clear that his agenda is being carried out by others, it is difficult to embrace others.

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  3. RE: “They also don’t seem to have learned a thing about politics in the age of Trump” from above:

    The Changing Narrative Regarding Donald Trump.

    “DeSantis is flavor of the month. We know he has tremendous appeal in Florida.

    “How he might play on the national stage is unknown.

    “Trump has promised a ‘big announcement’ on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

    “Most observers don’t believe he will be advertising Joe Biden’s favorite flavor of ice cream at Trump Tower.

    “Most people think he will announce his candidacy for president in 2024.

    “How will that come over?

    “There are many people who assure us that Trump’s day in the sun is over, that he’s yesterday’s news.

    “I don’t know if they’re right.

    “I do remember, though, that many people in 2016 told us that Trump was impossible, that he could never win, that when he did win he could never survive.

    “For four years, we were told that ‘bombshells’ had been dropped, that ‘walls were closing in’ to hasten Trump’s eclipse.

    “Maybe this time it’s true.


    “I’m going to wait and see”


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