A Few Random Notes Before the Massive Distractions of Mid-Term Election Mania

Just clearing my desk and my mind…

___ ___ ___

A brief follow-up to Sophomoric Demagoguery – So Intellectually Shallow it is Hard Not to Laugh…while I didn’t bother to watch or delve into the pathetic twaddle myself, I’m glad to see someone did:

“We are at a moment in time rarely seen in politics, where the President of the United States can give a Prime Time address claiming that the very future of the Republic is at risk and the reaction is a complete shrug. Nobody cares. Nobody is listening. Biden owns the “bully pulpit,” but it is made of balsa wood and was nailed together by a 3 year old with a Playskool hammer.”

At least we can laugh at this posing weasel and his team of fools while the country collapses…so we got that going for us. But it is also worth repeating this:

“Soon it will be our task to fight against the Republican insiders who are licking their chops at the feast they see set before them. Many of them are mirror images of the Democrat consulting class, indifferent to outcomes as long as the gravy train continues. They are as amoral as the Democrats, and we need to sweep them away as badly as this crop of Democrats.”

___ ___ ___

I know this next one is a clear admission that I monitor things at one of the saddest cases of Never-Trump syndrome…but nuggets of truth can appear just about anywhere. Here, from More on the Supreme Court Argument on Race-Based Admissions, is one of them:

Sotomayor comes across as none too bright. She keeps saying “stimulation” when she means “simulation” and thinks “de jure” (which she pronounces “de jour”) is the same as “de facto.” Which annoys Alito, which is hilarious.

I have commented before that the Obama-Biden wing of The Court will be the lasting legacy of this modern Progressive Era and the written (and oral) legacy of it promises to provide loads of sideshow comedy to future generations of students of American legal history while on breaks from more serious studies. Again, at least we can laugh…

___ ___ ___

Lastly, I want to return to my old musings about the future of red-county America and the path they choose over the coming years. Specifically, in post-2020 election posts and comments I said things like “At what point do some of these united states tire of others not participating in the agreed to compact in good faith?” and “how will red-county America react to this both within and between various states?” and “…what (if anything) … does red-county America do to counter the fact that controlling portions of (a now critical mass of) states are no longer participating in the agreed to compact in good faith?” It is safe to say that I was primarily thinking of Pennsylvania during those times and I posit that an important crossroads in this case is just ahead: How does red-county PA react if the state machine rams a clearly debilitated John Fetterman down their throats and into a seat in what was once promoted as the world’s greatest deliberative body? On the heels of the 2020 election mess in PA and the crushing agenda from DC endured ever since, I suspect the the social and economic fabric across several regions of the state are already straining. How much more can it take?

___ ___ ___

The coming week promises to be a somewhat pivotal time across this land. Stay safe…

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