Manipulating Economic Timelines – The Progressive Narrative Machine Always Points Toward the Left

The story has been mentioned before. Almost a year ago I used it in the introduction to a post titled The Worst Economy in Eighty Years over at the legacy site:

I’m sure there were signs much earlier but, with respect to my political awareness, it was three decades ago that I first witnessed the powerful, multi-headed evil we see much clearer today in action.  (Dare I refer to it as an earlier generation of the hive?) In that case, the beast had decided that twelve years was more than enough of the Ronald Reagan spirit (or even a hint of it) and it was all hands on deck to make sure that the surrogate of weaker constitution and intellect…already boosted by incredible war-time favorability ratings…did not preside over the additional four years that were clearly warranted.

One arrow in the beast’s quiver was the 1991 recession. For those unfamiliar, that was a rather average 8-month recession that lasted from July 1990 to March 1991. (Note that the end of it was more than 18 months before the 1992 presidential election.) Interestingly, the official outlet for such things (i.e. the National Bureau of Economic Research) did not announce the end of that recession until December 22, 1992. (Note that the announcement came several weeks after the 1992 presidential election.) If you were politically aware of things back then, you will remember the Clinton Campaign, aided by the reliably Leftist media including the trusted nightly news anchors of the day and their near monopoly on dictating the narrative, took full advantage of this to hammer home the mantra “THE WORST ECONOMY IN 50 YEARS” for many, many months.  Also, for the historically ill-informed out there, that reference timeframe meant something for a key voting demographic that tended to get more conservative at their age. You do the math.  

[Emphasis added]

I revisit that today because, sitting here in late October 2022, everyone willing to see reality knows we have been in an unacknowledged recession for several months and the corrosive effects of worsening inflation are eating away at the American dream. (Unless you run in those very lucrative DC insider trading circles, that is. But I digress.) Not unexpectedly, all of that is been downplayed by the great progressive narrative machine. Note that, if there was even a hint of a bright spot on the horizon, those who are part of that machine would stay in tight formation and ride out the coming storm. I suggest that there are signals that the coming abyss not going to be that easy to pass through:

Top Democrat Admits ‘All of Us Knew’ Their Party’s Policies Would Cause Inflation

During an appearance on MSNBC on Thursday, Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) admitted that the Biden administration and congressional Democrats knew that certain of their actions would drive inflation up. …

For many, many months, Joe Biden has blamed everyone else for inflation. He once falsely claimed that “inflation started under Trump” and that inflation was was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. More recently, he’s tried to blame the Russia war in Ukraine for inflation, which Biden dubbed “Putin’s price hike.”

Back in June, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted that she and Biden were wrong about the impact inflation would have. …

Others with an interest in retaining at least a modicum of their credibility, like former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers , are out there warning that the recession that we are already in is now inevitable. True, Larry is still understating the size of the storm ahead…look for his story to start changing shortly after the election.

Of course, is has been clear to all willing to see that the wellbeing of We the People was the furthest thing from the minds of Team Ferret Face since the very first day in office. Fortunately, those in the reality-based crowd know the game that lies ahead:

And all of the usual actors will faithfully play their part:

Biden Thinks You’re An Idiot: It’s Pretty Obvious President Will Blame Coming Economic Ruin On GOP After Midterms

Based on the president’s comments last week, it is abundantly clear that his team is readying to blame Republicans for any economic ruin after the midterm elections — despite the fact that his economic policies over the past 20 months are behind current skyrocketing costs.

“If Republicans win, inflation’s going to get worse. It’s that simple,” Biden recently said in Los Angeles.

Biden’s declaration came the same day that the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index reported that inflation was hotter than expected in September and rose by 8.2% year-over-year. That is now the twelfth straight month with inflation year-over-year above six percent.

Somehow, Biden wants you to believe that Democrats have a handle on inflation, and the GOP will only add to the worries. …

White House economic adviser Cecilia Rouse, however, says that the economy is going to slow down — presumably code for ‘we are about to enter a recession as predicted by many economic experts.’

“We are starting to see signs that our red-hot economy is starting to cool,” Rouse said on Sunday.

“Red hot”? What color is the sky in her world? As far as dishonest narrative cultivation goes, that is some Grade A bullshit right there. (Idiot or evil? You make the call.)

I’ll stand by my November 2021 position: We are headed into the worst economy in eighty years. If we lived in serious times and had an honest press, the headlines wouldn’t be more concerned with tilting the playing field before a mid-term election and planting the narrative talking points to use after the election to vector blame away from those who intentionally drove us into this abyss at full throttle.

See the game and plan accordingly…

One thought on “Manipulating Economic Timelines – The Progressive Narrative Machine Always Points Toward the Left

  1. Rodin

    It is well-established historically that governments can create bad economic times, but not good economic times. Wise persons see this and hope that government stays out of trying to create good economic times. Politicians are not wise persons.

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