Irreversibly Broken – The ‘How Corrupt is the FBI?’ Addendum

Normally I just post stuff like this as updates in the comments of the recent relevant post on the subject but, given this new format, I am going to try to make a habit of putting what I consider substantive updates in follow-up posts like this. This update (H/T Instapundit) links to a couple of treatments of the same LA Times story I discussed a few days ago along with additional bad behavior:

How corrupt is the FBI?

This corrupt. And judges/magistrates seem to have little trouble rubber-stamping the FBI’s excesses.

The point that the real problem here is that the fully corrupt FBI enjoys the collusive helping hand of those charged with oversight cannot be stressed enough every time these stories are discussed. But the real reason I returned to this topic today was for this passage:

Do a Google search or a DuckDuckGo search for “fbi misled judge in beverly hills safe deposit box search” or something of the sort. Usually when you search Google for a big story, the entire first page of results consists of MSM sources such as the NY Times, the WaPo, and the like. Ordinarily, sources on the right are way down on the list. The exceptions are when the story is something the MSM would like to bury and the right is covering. In the case of this story, it’s mostly on the right except for the local angle of the LA Times covering it quite heavily. Also, as you could see from my Yahoo link above, Yahoo picked up the story from the LA Times; the text in Yahoo and the Times appear to be the same. Other coverage is from the right, such as the NY Post and Reason. Even doing a search like “New York Times Beverly Hills safety deposit box FBI search” yields nothing in the Times. Same with the WaPo.

This may seem tangential, but it’s not. It’s the way stories are buried and at least half the population doesn’t even know about them.

[Emphasis added]

That story came out five days ago. Three working days since it had a whole weekend to spread over the interwebs and the silence (outside of a few select center-right-ish comment sections) is deafening. It is, was, and always be a non-story. And, Neo is correct, that is the story. Or, at least it should be. (Unfortunately, even if it was properly reported, it is safe to assume that at least half the current population could comprehend the importance of this national police force openly operating on the blanket assumption that it would be “irrational” for anyone who wasn’t a lawbreaker to choose to store their belongings in a private lock box facility when a bank could be a better safeguard, so they are free to confiscate property indiscriminately, even if it means misleading a reliably compliant judge to do so. But I digress.)

But, then again, being well conditioned to cultivated narrative compliance since (at least) the Lewinski Affair, We the People have been largely ignoring the obvious evidence of this corruption for quite some time:

(And, don’t forget, she has also been told by FBI sources that the FBI attempted to plant child porn in her husband’s computer. Just imagine the wall-to-wall, non-stop outrage we would have been treated to followed by seven more impeachments if whispers of a Trump-friendly FBI attempting such a thing ever came out. What? You’ve never heard of this story? Well, imagine that.)

If there is ever a proper reckoning, much of the narrative (and anti-narrative) cultivators in the media deserve the same tar and feathers the the collusive judges/magistrates referenced above should be getting.

Don’t hold your breath.

Into the abyss…

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