The Real Story is Hiding in Plain Sight

The real history of our time, if it were ever to be written, would not be very kind to many departments and agencies of the modern Progressive administrative state. (I guess that during the Trump years it may have been correct to reference the “deep state” but even the modest perspective we have today shows clearly that the real threat to American liberty since at least January 20, 2009 has been “The State.” But I digress.) While I doubt that it is even mentioned in the sanctioned narrative reports on main stream media platforms, I find it interesting that the truth is so blatant that even actual smart people with national credibility don’t (yet) shy away from stating it as fact. (Yes, and I am additionally amused that they don’t even bother with the “allegedly” just like narrative media leave the term out of every irrational charge reported on Mr. Trump.) Let’s see if you can spot what “it” is…

I will start with the following from VICTOR DAVIS HANSON (H/T Instapundit):

Why Merrick Garland Is Losing the People

Is the attorney general disingenuous or simply naïve?

…A clearly agitated and nervous Garland sought to exude confidence in the raid. He went on to heatedly defend the professionalism and integrity of the Justice Department and FBI.

But almost immediately after his sermon, the Justice Department and its affiliates were back to their usual selective leaking (“sources say” . . . “according to people familiar with the investigation”) to liberal newspapers.

In no time, the Washington Post claimed the raid was aimed at finding Trump Administration documents relating to “nuclear secrets.” The now-familiar desired effect was achieved. “Presidential historian” Michael Beschloss quickly tweeted a picture of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, noting that in the past revealing such nuclear secrets had led to the death penalty. Former CIA Director Michael Hayden, previously known for comparing Trump’s border detention facilities to Auschwitz and falsely claiming the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian “disinformation,” replied: “Sounds about right.” That is, without any proof, it was legitimate to imagine that the former president of the United States, like the Rosenbergs, should be executed for passing nuclear secrets.

So, as intended, the Justice Department and FBI leaks touched off a round of intended liberal hysteria of the sort we saw during Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian collusion with Trump’s 2016 campaign aimed at disguising government misdeeds or overreach.

[Emphasis added]

Not to be outdone, here is JOHN HIDERAKER of Powerline:


Yesterday, Donald Trump announced that during the Mar-a-Lago raid, FBI agents “stole” his three passports, one of which was expired. The Department of Justice initially tried to deny this claim, or at least weasel out of it. Via RedState:

[Norah O’Donnell:] “NEW: According to a DOJ official, the FBI is NOT in possession of former President Trump’s passports. Trump had accused the FBI of stealing his three passports during the search of his Mar-a-Lago home.”

This is typical of how the Biden Department of Justice and the FBI operate. They piously assert that they can’t comment on much of anything publicly, and then leak falsehoods and half-truths to friendly and gullible media outlets. The careful wording of this particular leak is obvious: the FBI “is NOT in possession” of Trump’s passports–not that they didn’t take them, as Trump said.

[Emphasis added]

And, finally, Exhibit C from JONATHAN TURLEY (via Nick Arama at RedState):

Jonathan Turley Takes DOJ Apart for Latest Leak on Why FBI Raided Trump

As we reported, Attorney General Merrick Garland moved to block the unsealing of the affidavit which would reveal the reasons for the FBI raid on President Donald Trump’s home. …

While Garland is trying to keep the affidavit under wraps, we’re seeing “leaks” right and left from the FBI to the media

So while the DOJ/FBI are blocking the release of what they swore to a judge, they’re leaking things that they want to be leaked out there to the media. … No one gets in trouble for lying to the media or spreading nonsense to them. … It’s nonsense until there are real facts on the table and not unconfirmed leaks.

It’s what we’ve always seen when it comes to Trump and the left: all kinds of nonsense leaked to the media as though it were real. Then it gets spread everywhere and people take it as gospel,

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley is calling out the duplicity of all this.

[Turley:] “The latest leak suggests that the FBI acted on a subpoenaed security tape from outside the storage room at Mar-a-Lago. While the DOJ demands a total seal on the affidavit to protect the integrity of the investigation, these details continue to be selectively leaked. In the meantime, Attorney General Garland has not taken even modest measures to assure the public that this is not a politically motivated investigation. It is unlikely that the court will reject the DOJ demand for a continued seal. However, that offers little transparency while these confidential sources continue to frame the coverage through these leaks. It is the leaking from the Justice Department that is fueling speculation. While Garland says that he is deeply concerned about people questioning the integrity of his Department, he has done little to quell such speculation or to address these concerns.”

[Emphasis added]

Unfortunately for us, “integrity” is that last thing that those striving to rule by fear are concerned about. For those paying attention, they gave up the ghost with respect to their contempt for We the People and our Republic with the IRS under Obama.  That many now openly acknowledge the symptoms of the intentional demise into totalitarianism being perpetrated by at least one entire Party – looking right at you Elizabeth Cheney – is a step in the right direction…but that so many more either don’t recognize it or choose to pretend that it hasn’t already irreversibly damaged the functionality of what is left of that Republic is a fatal problem. And the worst is yet to come.

Into the abyss…

___ ___ ___

For earlier documentation on this greater phenomenon, please refer back to the legacy post titled CODENAME: Natasha from April 30, 2021.

One thought on “The Real Story is Hiding in Plain Sight

  1. From above: “and then leak falsehoods and half-truths to friendly and gullible media outlets. …”

    Everything in every newscast must be viewed through the knowing lens of carefully worded half-truths and a reliably incurious or fully compliant transfer medium.

    Notice that no one in the narrative media is being very precise in their language or even digging to provide more precision. Has anyone even asked if the documents taken from Trump were the copies of the originals that he is allowed to take with him?


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