The Battle Field that Developed Around Me

I expect there to be several posts here at the beginning to offer a more extended introduction and to tie my existence here back to the scribblings at my prior on-line home. This will be one of them…starting with the basics:

To the extent it is possible, I ceased to associate myself with the Republican Party immediately following the 2014 Mississippi Republican Senate Run-Off. (Never Forget Mississippi 2014!) That being the case, I was just an innocent bystander through the entire 2016 election cycle. (I did not cast a vote at the top of the ticket.) While that was an entertaining period of my life, it was also extremely disturbing. The history is largely lost behind the four-year temper tantrum thrown by the radicalized left and their Never-Trump enablers but Candidate Trump (always an admirable “street fighter”) was far from the just-conservative-ish enough president that evolved later. As some point in the March 2016 timeframe, I remember estimating that more than 75% of all the primary voters had either voted for overt Socialism (Sanders) or some amorphous brand of modified big government late 20th century liberalism (Trump)…between which, there wasn’t really a dime’s worth of difference: The glideslope into the abyss was effectively identical.

The first I remember ever having sympathy for the Trump cause was when the intellectually dishonest narrative cultivation machine began their coordinated (and semi-successful) mass delusional hysteria trial balloon in the lead up to the RNC Convention over this line in his stump speech referring to the 30,000 illegally hidden emails (i.e. public records) from Madam Clintons illegal home server:  “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing, I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.” That was probably what initially spurred me back into the blogosphere comment section world (RedState at the time), not specifically for Mr. Trump, but to push back on such dishonest media and the stool pigeons who help spread that kind of nonsense.

By the time he took the oath, while still maturing on the grander scale, that brand of pathological ignorance had become fully normalized in my little corner of the blogosphere. (To their credit, RedState eventually cleaned up the embarrassing mess that was Susan Wright).  And, as is becoming clear to everyone willing to see, that initial infection of pathological ignorance really has solidified into a genuine mental disorder. To this day, so many of them still chant under their breath about the proof in the Mueller Report or periodically shake off all of the undeniable facts to revive the Charlottesville “fine people” hoax.

But it was January 6 that completely broke many. True, it was an emotionally charged event and even some smart people reacted in a “I don’t really think, I just react to situations with the maturity of a 14-year-old girl using the language all the cool kids tell me to use” mode. But, now more than a year and a half later, it takes a special brand of ignorance to still be attempting to ride and energize that 1/6 “mass delusional hysteria” pony. Whether that is a public figure pretending an illegitimate House committee is anything but a farce or a comment section stoolie reliably pushing the “Trump knew that the crowd was violent and he aimed them at the Capitol with malice aforethought” mantra as dictated by some MSNBC-ish talking point generator, the intellectually un-serious now seem to have the floor…and those willing to think and see as speak up have been increasingly pushed to the margins.

If you are here now, welcome to one of those margins.

To be continued…

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