The Durham Window

Since the release of the Durham Report earlier this week I have kept much that I want, or need, to say on the matter bottled up. (No, I have not read it. I have no need to read it. I was paying attention at the time and was not hampered by the blinders of progressive anti-intellectualism or its insidious rationalizing cousin inside our perimeter. I have nothing new to learn in these pages.) Now that I have time to sit down and spew it out, I find much of it has been ably covered by others. One busy individual and some of his commenters explore many of the important depths throughout these posts:

Gutfeld: Durham Lays the Basis for Questioning the 2020 Election Results

For Speaker McCarthy: Lincoln on Conspiracy, Durham Report

Another Clue to the Coup

There is one aspect to this that I wish to foot-stomp here just a bit. Although the genesis of this modern brand of hyper-corruption dates back to at least 2009, this scandal covers the coordinated interference in a U.S. presidential election by the DNC (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Clinton campaign) and agencies of the Executive branch of the federal behemoth (with the full approval of the sitting Democrat president) to the extended active coup throughout the first twenty seven or so months of the Trump administration that enlisted not only the efforts of the U.S. Congress but the entire corporate media complex. But, what must not be forgotten is the middle phase: The attempted disruption of the rightful and peaceful transition of power.

To review: Government agencies were spying on him in his own buildings before the election. Democrats up to and including Dingbat Pelosi were talking (i.e. planning) impeachment well before inauguration day. They had even summoned their forces with their p*ssy hats to be on or about the Mall that weekend. (Sure, they were really called to celebrate “President Hillary” but the mission changed…and if not for the omission of sufficient agent provocateurs/rent-a-mobs and the lack of properly and conveniently placed instruments of destruction… … … Well, as we now see, that mistake would not happen again. See “mostly peaceful riots of 2020” and “Jan 6 insurrection”. But I digress.)

What we now understand as “the Deep State”, in full coordination with major components of “the State”, and all of its ancillary forces had openly declared war on Donald Trump…the duly elected president-elect to be…as early as July 2016. In this, all of these same forces had openly declared war on We the People, our liberties under the Constitution, and our rights under this voluntary compact to elect our Chief Executive. Having failed on election day, the focus shifted to contesting – by hook or by crook – every step forward from that point on. The rightful and peaceful transition of power in good faith was the next hurdle erected.

Please take the time to reflect on just why they were so threatened and so energized:

Remember, those same forces never quit. They are just as motivated and capable, if not more, today than they were then.

Deeper into the abyss…2024 looms large.

One thought on “The Durham Window

  1. Rodin

    “Remember, those same forces never quit. They are just as motivated and capable, if not more, today than they were then.

    “Deeper into the abyss…2024 looms large.”

    It is hard to imagine that if the people do not rise up in their righteous anger that anything can be done to alter the trajectory of the Progressive Project. Although insult after insult has been dished out to the American people — the rights, their property, their lives– the level of righteous anger seems to be limited to too small a segment. I wish it was otherwise, but I am not optimistic. I do know that if the right match is lit, there is enough fuel for an unimaginable conflagration.

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