Lords of Wokenss – The Cabinet Secretaries Who Broke The World

Some books just write themselves. While I am sure that a whole lot of research went into writing  Lords of Finance – The Bankers Who Broke the World (2009), one does wonder it there was a snarky, astute blogger back then screaming to himself about the obviously hollow credentialed buffoons that were making perfectly wrong decisions at every point of the game. If so, he (or she) is clearly lost to history forever…as will this one soon enough. But the next in the series certainly shouldn’t take that much work.

Of course, the modern version of the catastrophe has been working in slow motion for quite some time but it kicked into high gear within about eight hours of FJB taking the oath of office. Instead of going back that far, here I will just step back about ten months to the truth that was being ignored by mass media at that time:

Cabinet secretaries ignore their duties—somewhat understandable given their resumes never explained their appointments. What binds a Pete Buttigieg, Alejandro Mayorkas, and Jennifer Granholm is not expertise in transportation, border security, or energy independence but allegiance to an entire menu of woke policies that are often antithetical to their own job descriptions. – VDH

The daily dribble of incompetence and purposeful dereliction of duty has continued to erode at the foundation of national and world stability ever since. I rehash all of this only to bring up one recent indicator of the poor state of thing (and an even grimmer outlook) featuring, once again, the chief clown among these buffoons:

With that, I now offer the following usable notes as a free service for that future Liaquat Ahamed (or whoever takes on the task of writing this up eighty or a hundred years from now): Just as the second plane hitting the tower marked an undeniable inflection point in the arc of history, the re-election of President Obama in 2012 marks the exact moment when the United States chose the path into the abyss of intellectual un-seriousness. (The impact of the massive media assist with Benghazi – read as P R O P O G A N D A – cannot be overstated. Not to mention the open and massive flaunting of campaign finance law without a peep from the reliably incurious and compliant media. But don’t get me started…) The first minor peak (i.e., progressive victory) occurred with the national bathroom wars of April-May 2016. Small as it was, it was then that they new they had the hook in us real good. Years of full throttle anti-Trumpism and never-Trumpism were used to bleed off strength of those stubbornly addicted to American Liberty. But, make no mistake about it, the forces of un-seriousness could have worked that angle for another four years…this same path, with mostly the same buffoons, was going to press this agenda. But, yes, there was a snarky, astute blogger out here at the time screaming to himself about the obviously hollow credentialed buffoons giving each other high-fives as they were making perfectly wrong decisions at every point of the game.

Intellectually un-serious indeed. 

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