To the surprise of no one, the fake committee missed the real scandal…

…and, eventually, even braindead NT may have no way to deny it. Via Powerline

…the real scandal arising from the January 6 protest was not the fact that a handful of demonstrators broke into the Capitol, while many more were freely admitted by guards. Rather, the principal scandal is the manner in which pro-Donald Trump demonstrators have been treated by law enforcement: held without trial in solitary confinement, ridiculously over-charged (e.g., insurrection vs. trespassing), forced to plead guilty to imaginary or over-hyped offenses by the prospect of long jail terms for offenses they never committed, and set up by FBI agents and informants loyal to the Democratic Party who, it seems, may have played key roles in encouraging the demonstration to get out of hand.

If the January 6 protesters had been treated the same as the BLM/Antifa rioters who did more than 100,000 times as much damage, and killed somewhere between 30 and 50 people, they would have been showered with tens of billions of dollars by corporate America as encouragement to keep it up. Instead, they were condemned to solitary confinement.

The truth is that the essence of this con was known to all willing to see within weeks of the offending event.  But, as this plays out, I must say that it would be nice if Liz Cheney still had half an ounce of credibility left. It would make my whole year to watch that go up in smoke along with the fake narrative she helped produce. (Not to worry, two years of putting on that fake super-serious face will continue to pay off handsomely for her. But at least the thinking parts of the free world will know that she put one heck of a large skid mark on the family name….right next to several others.)


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This was another case of me being lazy and posting directly to the legacy site. (One of those five minute posts that just hits me…) For the record, it did get one of the braindead trolls over there a bit exercised…to the point of working over a moderator to try to get around the “double secret probation” rule (not really a secret) keeping the two of us from commenting on each other’s posts.

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