Conspicuous Diversity – The Pathway Toward Corporate Fragility, Eventual Collapse, and a Broader Societal Dark Age

I do not pretend that there are not many aspects of the modern social condition that can be read into the set of pictures presented above. No doubt there are grains (or entire strains) of truth in many of them. (Agendas differ and mileage may vary.) But I assure you, the most accurate and most important is the clear-cut demonstration of an insidious plague that is consuming critical corporate entities from sea to shining sea: conspicuous diversity.

It always starts as a façade to appease the woke overlords.  In that form it appears rather harmless but is actually highly corrosive to the host entity…the real “impacts” are largely hidden from the surface but are galvanically and irreversibly eating away at the underlying structure of the company. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the necessary progression of the long-term promotion of this unnatural state is for the façade to become seen as the entity itself…even by those close to it (and who should know better). In the end, the conspicuously cultivated façade – entirely too young, inexperienced, and ill-prepared – is transitioned into the offices they were only ever meant to supplement (i.e., provide visual balance for). Many will attain those positions fifteen or more years earlier in their career than their predecessors did…and with an even larger “practical experience gap.”  (And don’t even get me started on the hollow credentials “those of the façade” were awarded along the way. But I digress.)

The Twitter example above seems to indicate still being in the early stages of the disease. Or maybe the corporate structure / business model is such that it can better manage the façade. But this is not true of larger, more complex operations and the impacts to life as we have grown to know it will not be minimal.

Consider this your warning: Complex products relying on sound engineering and science that pose any kind of potential safety issue in your life will become suspect in the not-so-distant future. For the record, I suspect I will cease trusting my life to anything that operates on turbomachinery at a substantial altitude after about 2030. (In a related phenomenon, too many critical entities already strive to assemble the most “diverse supplier base” instead of the “best supplier base” for my comfort. Just think about that one for a while! But I digress.) Once you see the issue, other examples will flow rather freely.

Into the abyss…

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