‘half a mind to be president’

Just to set the stage, I will start with the [slightly modified] opening from a June post over at my old on-line home titled “A Presidential Administration as Sophomoric Theater”:

“As sad as the obvious truth included is regarding the truly pathetic state of our Beltway Behemoth (and thus our nation as a whole), this passage from VDH earlier this month is too perfect not to reuse again and again:

Cabinet secretaries ignore their duties—somewhat understandable given their resumes never explained their appointments. What binds [this ignoble group] is not expertise in [anything useful or productive of note] but allegiance to an entire menu of woke policies that are often antithetical to their own job descriptions.

[Emphasis added]

That was necessary just because I cannot let the Powerline post titled “A CLOWN-CAR ADMINISTRATION” from last Monday go by without acknowledgement…if for nothing else, this near perfectly summarized addition to the VDH quote above:

President Biden is the Clown-in-Chief of the big circus that is the Biden administration. He has half a mind to be president. There is nothing funny about it. His administration is a circus colloquially speaking. President Biden and senior administration officials are not serious people. They have manifested as political hacks.

[Emphasis added]

But it is the rather damning listing by name that is worth a full read:

Kamala Harris…is transparently vacuous

Janet Yellen…has proved unfit for the office, regurgitating administration talking points with an utter lack of seriousness.

Lloyd Austin…managed to create a recruiting crisis for the armed forces…has injected the Democratic Party’s racial mania into the veins of every branch of the military… has done great damage to morale and his performance has detracted from our national security…

Merrick Garland…has proved just another hack. His declaration that “white supremacists” constitute our biggest national security threat is party-line histrionics unbecoming to his office.

Antony Blinken…had his hand in the Afghanistan disgrace…continues his mad pursuit of Iran.. has fallen far short of the requirements of the office.

Alejandro Mayorkas…If he had any self-respect, however, he would have departed long ago. He believes his routine.

And much more at the link.

The worst part is that, while presented somewhat humorously, none of it is hyperbole. No reasonably informed, intellectually serious person would dispute any of it. From the top down, we are being led by morons and tools…and they are most likely proud of the record they are accumulating. Most should be so lucky as to have their names lost to history very soon. (For the record, I do not think Madam Yellen will be so lucky….but I’ll have more on that hollow credentialed buffoon at a later date.)

Only 897 looonnnnggg days left in the constitutionally mandated Biden-Harris administration. May America get every one of those to the fullest…and emerge on the other side certainly bruised and battered but also wiser. I would hope that would include a healthy learned blindness to the feeding-frenzy and cultivated mass delusional hysteria machine and a sensitized aversion to the intellectually unserious (e.g., the Biden Cabinet in its entirety, Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney, comment section trolls…oh, hell, the list is way too long).

Into the abyss…

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