None of this is an Accident


Biden depleting weapons supply with Ukraine aid, hurting potential defense of Taiwan: experts

The warning comes as a new report assesses the U.S. military is at “significant risk” of being unable to win a single major regional war.

The Biden administration is giving so much military assistance to Ukraine to combat Russian forces that it’s risking not having enough weapons to help defend Taiwan should China invade, according to experts and former top national security officials.

“Our weapons stockpiles are low, in large part because of the war in Ukraine, which means if there’s another war, or if we need to provide weapons to Taiwan, those weapons aren’t going to be there because these weapons are complicated to make — they’re expensive,” former National Security Council Chief of Staff Fred Fleitz told the John Solomon Reports podcast on Friday.

“My guess is the Biden administration has put no priority whatsoever into weapons production, and there’s going to be a severe shortfall,” added Fleitz, a former CIA analyst. “It’s a dangerous situation.” …

…ramping up or, in some cases, restarting production to replenish U.S. stockpiles will take years, according to analysts. Delays due to lack of available parts and other issues further complicate the situation. …

Noting it could take at least a couple years to sufficiently boost production, Gallagher said, “In many cases Chinese companies are the sole source or a primary supplier for the energetic materials used in our missiles.” …

This is intentional,” … “Every administration establishes its priorities; the budget reflects those priorities. For the Biden administration, the condition of the military has taken less priority than other things the White House has pushed.” …

The United States under Joe Biden is sleepwalking to decline and disaster,” Nile Gardiner, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation who previously served under former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, told the “Just the News, No Noise” television show on Thursday. “This is a president who really isn’t serious about rebuilding America’s military capacity. Our enemies and adversaries are growing theirs, especially the Chinese, and we’re seeing an array of dangerous threats to the United States.”

[Emphasis added]

Well worth reading the article in full context but I do take issue with the way the clarity of “This is not intentional” is then softened as if this is just the fallout of the handlers of the puppet president just having other spending priorities. Full clarity requires: The destruction of the military of the United States is the overt goal of those in control of the Biden administration.

In fact, we are well past the time that we can afford to soften the fact that the intentional weakening of the United States across the board is the goal of those in control of the most anti-American administration in history. Another example is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (Biden Drained SPR by 40 Percent in Less Than Two Years). More:

President Biden’s Dangerous Use Of The Strategic Petroleum Reserve

… “The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) is meant to protect consumers against emergency supply disruptions, not politicians during an election year. [Biden’s withdrawal] not only reduces our capacity to protect ourselves in case of a true emergency in the future, but also increases America’s reliance on the politically volatile countries that currently provide most of our oil.”

None of what Biden said at his energy press conference justifies this use of the SPR by a president who repeatedly claims America is on a wartime footing and warns his big donors about a possible nuclear confrontation with Russia.

Again, a weakened America is not an accident. It has been the goal from the start.

Only 820 days left in the constitutionally mandated Biden administration. I hope we still have something left of the country at the end.

Into the abyss…

One thought on “None of this is an Accident

  1. “Full clarity requires: The destruction of the military of the United States is the overt goal of those in control of the Biden administration.”

    It’s very interesting that Bret Weinstein just did 4 hours of interviews with military officers punished by command or not getting, as he puts it, “so-called vaccines”. He was careful with his words but he said the only conclusion that he could come to after two years of the covid crisis, is that this is the action of an “enemy” who wants to destroy our military and reduce its members’ consciences to support an authoritarian regime without questioning their orders.

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