American Demagogue, American Tyrant

Last night while I was not watching the speech, I typed of the Cancer of the Soul that is always visible through Joe Biden’s face: “May history record that as the face of the emerging American Totalitarianism here in the twenty-first century. It would be well deserved.” Little did I know that the handlers of the Dork Brandon skin-suit had exactly that in mind. And they delivered in magnificent fashion:

If ever a picture was worth a million words, there it is.

(There is little doubt that this dolt would naturally go along with so much of the agenda that is being imposed in his name. But all of that is “spinable” through willfully compliant and reliably incurious media of all types. But on the other hand, one does tend to wonder if there are things being held over his head to give the little extra incentive to go along with stunts like this…the visuals of which will now be etched into a very evil history with his face front and center. Even if he has lost the capacity to comprehend, “Doctor” Jill can certainly see what is going on. Is their full cooperation being given freely? Think about it.)

Since I did not, and will not ever, watch it I am reliant on the reporting of trusted others:


…Biden and his crew really do think that the 70 million Americans who voted for Trump can be classified as enemies of the state. …

First up, Biden’s ever so acute press spokesperson, Karine Jean-Pierre:

“When you are not with what majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme. That is an extreme way of thinking.”

Now let’s take in a more complete expression of this thought about the rightfulness of the majority:

If legality and illegality can be arbitrarily at the disposal of the majority, then the majority can, above all, declare their domestic competitors illegal, that is, hors-la-loi, thereby excluding them from the democratic homogeneity of the people. Whoever controls 51 percent would be able to render the remaining 49 percent illegal. The majority would be permitted to use legal means to close the door to legality, through which they themselves entered, and to treat partisan opponents like common criminals, who are then perhaps reduced to kicking their boots against the locked door.

Who said this? Carl Schmitt, in Legality and Legitimacy (1932), the German thinker usually scorned by the left for his association with the Nazis. Maybe the staging of Biden’s speech wasn’t just a coincidence.

Make no mistake about it: The staging was completely intentional. The handlers are using their puppet for all it is worth.

More Powerline:


The transcript reflects the maniacal “MAGA Republican” drivel to which we have become accustomed, but the transcript does not do it justice. Promoted by the White House as a state address in primetime, it was a purely partisan speech whose object was to vilify the administration’s political opposition. …

…Biden’s White House minders placed him on a stage at Independence National Historical Park with two Marines flanked behind him at attention. Independence Hall was lit with a tessellated blood-red backdrop.

What fresh hell was this? The staging appeared to mark the return of Leni Riefenstahl. This was Triumph of the Will for dummies. …

…Biden gave us the inversion of reality in which he poses as the supporter of the rule of law and law enforcement as well as the opponent of political violence. He ministers to “the soul of this nation,” as he puts it. He is the soul man. It is gross.

Those of us who seek the restoration of law and order in our urban centers, the enforcement of our borders, and the end of the undoing of the successes of the Trump administration are condemned to outer darkness. …

Biden’s speech was historic in its own way. In its own way, all in all, it was historically bad. September 1 is a day that should live in infamy. …

Yes, infamy. As a wise man over at Ricochet says of the picture at the top of this page: “Gaze on this picture. This is the launch of the American Holomodor. Like its Ukrainian antecedent this is about consolidating power through elimination of opposition. pResident Biden went full Stalin last night.” Similarly, Michael Yon puts it this way:

A Puppet of The Beast has Spoken — and Declared War

A most historical speech. The Beast spoke through The Puppet Biden. The Puppet Biden completed his reading assignment without falling. Declaration of war was not subtle.

It would be really dense of We the People to not pick up on what is clearly being signaled to us.

Into the abyss…

5 thoughts on “American Demagogue, American Tyrant

  1. With the elevation of the “clear and present danger” rhetoric to a primetime presidential address…and the messaging involved in regards to the doctrine of the Executive…future Trump rallies are likely to get interesting. Those willing to pull this speech stunt are clearly off the law and order / “government of the people, by the people, for the people” reservation. They want a confrontation, they want the visuals, and they want to show their power. Good times ahead…


  2. RE: …stunts like this…the visuals of which will now be etched into a very evil history with his face front and center. ..


    …The president had a career defining visual last night, on par with Gerald Ford stumbling, Clinton posing next to Monica Lewinsky, Obama in Muslim togs, or an out of touch Richard Nixon walking on the beach in bluchers. Why is he backpedaling now? Why did he give the speech in the first place?


  3. See: A few more questions and observations on last night’s speech (

    “And what is that desired effect anyway? I can’t imagine that anyone previously on the fence about Trump or Republicans would be convinced by this speech to vote for Democrats in 2022, but a lot of things have happened that I didn’t imagine. My opinion, however, is that the goal of this speech is (a) to spark more January 6th type demonstrations or violence that will retrospectively validate Biden’s words and justify more crackdowns and more denunciations of the right. Probably the FBI is already working on entrapping some bitter clingers and guiding them towards something of the sort. An October surprise? And/or (b) the desired effect might be to spark attacks on Trump-supporters themselves. There’s also (c), to encourage Red-Guard style denunciations of “MAGA Republican” friends and family to authorities, for something or other. And let’s not forget (d) (which I mentioned in today’s previous post), to invalidate the election of so-called “MAGA Republicans” in 2022.”

    Note that part in the middle about “…the FBI is already working on entrapping some bitter clingers and guiding them…”. That leads to a subject in the comments that is common here at my outpost:

    “It is pretty clear the FBI was heavily involved in the entire J6 incident. The fact that Ray Epps walks free and unmolested seem to point that way. And he was a heavy instigator.

    “That said I do not think the alphabet agencies could know this whole thing would be as wildly successful for them as it has been. So their ‘bomber’ was a fall back position had it not worked out. Think about it for one second.

    “1) As far as the FBI has stated there have been no leads, and no on identified to this point. Leaked or otherwise. Despite their being physical evidence and numerous video tapes of the subject involved,

    “2) It is never mentioned. For such a serious incident (much more so that what also happened). There is zero push to move forward any farther by the government or media. If this could be pinned on someone from J6 you can bet your sweet butt they would have already.

    “3) Look at the pictures released. The person is perfectly none de-script. Average height, build. Covered well so that you can tell nothing about the subject at all. Race, sex etc.

    “4) The bombs themselves look almost cartoonish in their attempt to be ID’d as such. A metal pipe with a oversized timer on the outside? Making it easy for even the most thick headed to recognize it as such.

    “With the ways we already know these agencies have doctored evidence, lied, very selectively enforced the laws regarding this. I do not rule this out of the realm of possibility.”

    Except for the word “almost” just before “cartoonish, this is spot on.

    (H/T Instapundit:


  4. See: DO YOU RECALL? (

    [Start of Quote]

    Students of ancient history may recall that President Biden declared that Donald Trump and “MAGA Republicans” — you know who you are — “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.” Biden extended the terms of his condemnation. “MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution,” he said. “They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people. They refuse to accept the results of a free election.” ..

    Byron York states that Biden was “tr[ying] to walk back some of the rhetoric he used the night before.” …

    [York:] “Huh? Biden’s remarks at the White House cast a cloud of confusion over what he said the night before. Did he mean it? Did he fully understand the kind of accusations he was making in Philadelphia? Was he confused? The president’s rhetoric was terribly serious and terribly divisive. It was hard to understand why he even gave the speech. Now, it is not clear whether he understands it, either.”

    the substance of the speech along with the production made it unforgettable. It was a spectacular failure on a level beyond Jimmy Carter’s “malaise speech.”

    Respect for the law has of course been a central theme of “MAGA Republicans” and their indictment of the Biden administration. Indeed, it is a theme that goes back to Lincoln’s great Lyceum Address. Biden’s lack of respect for the enforcement of our own borders is galling. His trillion-dollar student loan giveaway is patently lawless. The Democrats’ support for the riots of 2020 and prosecutors who refuse to enforce the law also comes immediately to mind.

    [End of Quote]


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